Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow. There was so much snow one week ago. Four or five days of 65 and sunny, and it seems like most of it has disappeared. The good news about that is that there is a kind of electricity in the air, a new found energy that comes with bicycles being pulled out of crawl spaces and sunshine at 9:00pm. The other great news is that the three rather large lakes that were becoming major obstacles in our driveway shrank to mere puddles in the course of one day. Oliver is still, however, going through at least two sets of clothes per day.

Another kind of shrinking has been occurring over at the bakery construction site.
Anyone who has ever built or renovated a house knows all about this one. We had this amazing, big, open, brightly lit space. Then came the sheet rock. Then came the interior walls. Now, it's starting to feel a bit like a cave. Especially what with the drab gray of the wall board and the white streaks of fire taping that's covering up even the most interesting screw pattern. Now, instead of being blinded when we walk outside because the snow is so bright, we are blinded by the dimness when we go in.

Oh well. It may seem smaller inside, but interior walls also mean that plumbers and electricians can come which means pretty soon we'll have water, telephones,!


  1. The temperature in Talkeetna was higher then in Springfield in the last few days.

  2. Anita, I sure have enjoyed watching the place grow. Thank you so much for sharing the experience, and thanks to Whole Wheat Radio for opening up the local community to the rest of us around the globe! Excellent blog and the photos are absolutely beautiful.

    If I ever get out of Mississippi and journey to Talkeetna, I definitely know a bakery I want to visit. Through your writing, I already feel like I'm part of the communal family! ;-)

    Randy Fullerton

  3. Yes - if we ever have another Wheatstalk, I know a bakery cafe we will be descending upon...