Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Front Door

Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe. Come on in. Well, not just yet. But at least now we have a front door.

Doors are good; they keep mosquitoes out. Hopefully soon I'll have time to paint this door brown or really any color other than primer white! Throughout this whole construction project no one has ever used the front door. Thus the wheel barrow's parking spot I guess. To me, it looks like the wheel barrow is about to walk right in though. It almost looks like it's waiting for the open sign to light up. Me too.


  1. Wow Anita - this is so incredibly awesome! I will have to stop by on my way to Anchortown this summer and sample at least 15 items off your menu :) Good luck with the rest of the construction!

  2. It is a long way from starting from scratch, and arriving to a nice front door.

    a lot of hard work and determination.

    Good Luck