Saturday, May 30, 2009

Climbing Mountains

This is the time of year in Talkeetna when it seems like everyone is climbing mountains. Something like 1000 people a year attempt to climb Mount McKinley, or Denali as it is more commonly known in Alaska. Most of those climbers start out from Talkeetna, flying in small airplanes to base camp at 7,200 feet. I believe the average success rate for reaching the 23,000 foot highest peak in North America is around 50%.

Personally, I have no interest in climbing mountains of this sort and just don't really get it. However, I have been to the tops of many smaller ones, both literally and figuratively. The one I am trying to climb right now seems monumental.

To Oliver, every hill, pile of rocks or sand, snow berm, or grassy slope is a mountain. This month I am feeling quite sure that he is absolutely right.


  1. Oliver is on the top of HIS mountain, and soon you will be on the top of YOURS.

    Keep up your spirits

  2. hooray! just found your blog...will keep stopping by to check in on the progress.