Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mid Summer News 2013

Hello Everyone,
With summer in full swing, the Squirrel has been swinging with it. We have our busy days, our busier days and our lines to the door days. It's all been pretty manageable and as much hard work as anyone would expect in a typical Alaska summer. Our grilled Panini experiment has been great fun and very well received. We have a few new treats we're excited about like Really Good Bars and Seeded Barley Crackers. The Squirrel stickers that say "Eat. Real. Food." with our logo sold out a week ago and we're working on getting more! Trip Advisor reviews we've received regularly over the last month are incredibly positive and it's nice to know that some of the travelers that find their way to the Squirrel are enjoying what we do. Hard to believe that a bit of darkness is coming back and that there are really only about 6 weeks left of our busiest season. Following are a few important things I wanted to make sure to pass along...

"Gone Fishin" - TWO DAYS OFF!
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Squirrel is open seven days a week! EXCEPT: Flying Squirrel will be closed Sunday, July 21 and Monday, July 22 for a mid summer break. Even I need to sleep in once in a while and all the staff deserved a couple of days to chill. Hopefully Brian and Oliver will come home with a pile of fish and I'll be at home helping to process Kenai River reds and working on some pickles and jam along with much needed sleep on my two days off. We'll be back on Tuesday!

August's art show will feature various artists with a wonderful theme - our local, important and beautiful waterway, the Susitna River. We're working with the Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives to raise awareness about the community connection to this integral part of our town and it's surrounding wilderness. Artists with something to contribute can contact Anita at the Squirrel or Rachel at 733-3813 or just bring in your ready to hang artwork or photography by August 7. The opening reception will be held on August 9 from 6-9pm. A portion of proceeds from sales will go to help the Coalition's efforts. Meanwhile, until the river show, stop by the Squirrel to see Tony Crocetto's Abstract Explorations show - it's so great to see these big, colorful canvases on our walls! Pictured painting by Steve Durr.


Flying Squirrel is committed in many ways to supporting other small Alaska businesses and to using fresh Alaska Grown products whenever possible. Especially during summer, but also throughout the year, we feature Alaska Grown barley, birch syrup harvest right down the road from our friends at Kahiltna Birchworks and lots of vegetables from our local family farm Talkeetna Grown at Birch Creek Ranch. The state's agriculture program is even helping out Alaska's specialty crop farmers by giving restaurants who participate in the Alaska Grown Restaurant Rewards Program a small percentage back for purchases of some Alaska Grown products. Everyone works SO hard in Talkeetna and in Alaska all summer long, but I think farmers must work the hardest, possibly with the least financial reward. We're doing this for so many reasons, but mostly it all just tastes SO good! Look for the Alaska Grown symbol on some of our signs, notes on the pizza menu and ask the counter staff what has Alaska Grown in it today! Some of our favorite features: sparkling rhubarb ade, birch toffee pecan cookies, birch chai latte, cream of greens soup, Thai cucumber salad, sesame snap peas, and roasted veggies in and on everything from pizza to breakfast wraps to tasty grilled Panini sandwiches! YOU TOO can support these efforts and help ensure that a small local farm can survive our crazy Alaska weather, seasons, caterpillars, droughts, small market base and other farming hardships. Buy veggies from a local farm stand:
Tuesdays, noon-3pm at the Senior Center
Fridays, 2-7pm at the Willow Farmer's Market (including Squirrel bread and goodies!) and
Saturdays, 3-6pm at Flying Squirrel

Have fun in the sun!
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