Monday, September 7, 2009

Grain for the Brain - a schedule of breads

A little easier for me and a lot better for you. There have already been requests for a bread schedule at Flying Squirrel so you can be sure to come in for your favorites. It certainly will evolve since I have been really wanting to make a whole wheat cinnamon raisin swirl bread and I can't figure out where to fit it in.I am posting this bread schedule on the Flying Squirrel website (along with descriptions and ingredients), on the side bar of this blog and at the cafe. Don't forget to pick up a business card the next time you come in because there is a bread punch card on the back. No one has filled one up yet, but I think there are a few regulars who are getting close! Brian has started working on the wood fired brick oven construction again, so hopefully we are only a month away from bread with MUCH better crust.

Whole Wheat Baguettes
Whole Wheat Pita

Monday Closed

Tuesday (until October, then closed on Tuesdays)
Whole Wheat Baguettes
Whole Wheat Pita
Molasses Multigrain Sandwich Loaf

Light Wheat Ciabatta
Eight Grain Boule

Italian Baguettes
Sunshine Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

Whole Wheat Baguettes
Whole Wheat Pita
Light Wheat Challah

Spent Grain Boule

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