Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am not a very foofy person. I don't wear make up. I shave my legs and underarms maybe twice a year. I don't mind wearing shirts with stains on them. And I am ok with some amount of dirt and bacteria in my life and in the life of my three year old...in fact, I think most American's are lacking in bacteria these days. We have a big mess outside around our house - broken bicycles, sopping wet cardboard boxes full of glass bottles that can't be recycled in Anchorage anymore, blue tarps over uncut firewood piles, last year's dead hanging baskets. I'm OK with all of that. I can live without running water if I need to and sometimes wish for the days when I occupied a cabin instead of a house.

However, evidently, I have a foofy side as well.

I find myself caring more than I ever thought I would about everything in the cafe being put away in it's place. About the floor being mopped the right way. About the color of the grout between the bricks on the facade of the under-construction wood fired oven.

And, given the right motivation, (such as customers who are willing to pay), I can do foofy with the best of them. Not that I am trying to advertise my services, but here are a few photos of the foofy things I can do! Special occasion cakes, pastries and party platters are available at Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe with advanced notice. Stop in, give us a call, or e-mail to find out more.

Vanilla sponge cake soaked in raspberry liqueur with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, a bittersweet ganache border and autumn leaves and berries. For Alice at Talkeetna B&B's grandson's wedding.

We closed the place two hours early on Saturday for K2 Aviation's end of the year staff party (so sorry to those that didn't know and tried to come for dinner that evening - I don't think this will be a regular thing). I made mini cupcakes with fresh berries on top of the chocolate ones. My talented cook Tasja pulled together wonderful Mediterranean entrees including Moussaka which will be appearing in the cold case in the future. I wish I had photographed the antipasto appetizer platter filled with colorful roasted veggies.

Sometimes being foofy is kind of fun.


  1. I thought that I had a good vocabulary, but I never heard "foofy" before, and it isn't in the Apple dictionary on my computer, nor is it in the big unabridged Webster in our bookcase. Thanks to Google, I found the following:

    Web definitions for foofy
    Excessively frilly or frou-frou, typically in a manner calculated to attract attention to an otherwise unremarkable person or event; Poofy ...
    en.wiktionary.org/wiki/foofy - Definition in context

    Now if only I knew what frou-frou was...

  2. "I find myself caring more than I ever thought I would about everything in the cafe being put away in it's place." I know that exact feeling. I like to think of it as efficiency. When the number of things in our lives increases drastically, knowing where each thing is saves a lot of time when we need it. Otherwise, we spend more time looking for things than using things. Definitely inefficient. And therefore foofy... :-)