Thursday, September 8, 2016

Autumn News - September 2016

Autumn?!? Really?!?! I hear that some lower 48 folks still have 100 degree temps! Early September definitely has that autumn feel here in Talkeetna though. Clear and crisp in the morning, some great Northern Lights and star gazing, yellow birch leaves dropping here and there, fireweed that just looks tired - kind of like everyone in Talkeetna! I like to say "the end is near", not because I'm a doomsday kind of person, but because when the travelers not longer come in droves, and school goes into full swing, we are really ready for the slower pace! I can't thank the fabulous Squirrel summer crew enough for all their hard work and dedication: Sierra, Rachel, Kaila, Angela, Kimmie, Isaiah, Raina, and Lily, as well as those that left us early for one reason or another: Bre, Haley, Jasmine and Michael.

But wait! The end of tourist season may be near, but the Squirrel goes on! We're open all winter and in addition to our regular tasty food, pastries, bread, coffee and pizza, we have many other fantastic reasons for you to walk in the doors coming up this fall!

Saturday, September 10
BUN-to-BUN! Still time to join this fun annual running race! Choose marathon or half marathon on trails, or 5K on the bike path, from Flying Squirrel into Talkeetna town. Our parking lot will be crazy for a few hours, so please, if you are participating, consider parking at NSI and take the shuttle to the Squirrel. This is an important fundraiser for the Talkeetna Elementary PTA, and this year it's supposed to be sunny! Register online or in person on the day of the event.

Saturday, September 10, 3-5pm
Textures, Layers & Colors, Oh My! Sonya Bitz, from Cantwell, will show her paintings at the Squirrel with an opening reception on Saturday, September 10 from 3-5. The paintings will be on display through early October. Then, October will bring an online auction/fundraiser for Northern Susitna Institute - stay tuned for more info!

Thursday, September 22, 11:45am
Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting at the Squirrel

Thursday, October 6, 6:30pm
Cider Tasting and Farm to Table Dinner

We're pairing up with Specialty Imports again to present a limited seating autumn dinner and cider tasting! This event is likely to sell out, so call to reserve your table early. The fixed price dinner will include a gourmet 4 course menu featuring as many Alaska (and Talkeetna) Grown ingredients as we can muster. Each course will be paired with one or two hard ciders from California, Washington, Michigan and Great Britain with 7 different ciders to try. You might be surprised at the variety of flavors and the range of sweet-to-tartness! These intimate and creative dinners have been a big hit - we're excited to wine (or cider) and dine you at the Squirrel.

Winter Deliveries to Willow, Eagle River and Anchorage
As soon as we gear down from summer, it's time to gear up for winter! The bakery delivery program will likely be up and running again from November through April. For those who have participated before, you'll get more info by email soon. For Squirrel fans that just can't wait until the next trip up to Talkeetna, we hope you'll consider this great program - prepay for bread and/or pastry deliveries that are then brought every other week to a convenient location in Willow, Eagle River and Anchorage! Ask for more information by contacting us by email!

Changes to Hours of Operation
Summer hours will end on September 12. Our winter hours beginning September 13 are:
Sunday 10am-4pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-9pm, Wood Fired Pizza 4-9pm
Saturday 8am-9pm, Wood Fired Pizza 4-9pm

There are a few more weeks of Brian's Talkeetna farm stand at NSI on Saturdays. After that, look for remaining fresh veggies at the Squirrel - usually cabbages, kale and potatoes well into December!



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