Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October News 2015

Hello friends, fans and followers of everything at the Squirrel!

I can't believe how fast September went by. Do I say that every month? Every season? Every year? This September in particular went from full on warm busy days to quiet cold rain and snow in a blink. October is here and I haven't even spent a day catching up on paperwork yet (pictured above)! And, Brian and I have spent more than a day or two "off" putting up our favorite farm harvest products including green tomato salsa, sauerkraut, apple cider, and my new extra favorite, winter squash butter (also pictured above). Usually all the fun winter activities that bring you to the Squirrel are planned out by now. Here are a few, but there will be more to come once...well, once I spend a day doing paperwork...

Second Saturday Art Opening
Join photographer Fredrik Norrsell at the opening reception of his exhibit on Saturday, October 12, 3-5pm. The show, entitled Wild Alaska features photographs of wild places around our beautiful state and will be on display through early November. Meanwhile, WE NEED ART! There is only one other art show for our bright and empty walls and we're happy to talk to any Alaska artists and photographers about the possibilities - please pass on my contact information to artists you know!

Fun & Learning at the Squirrel!
Gluten Free Baking Class: Sunday, October 18, 1-4 pm. Most people who are trying to keep gluten out of their diet are already experimenting with gluten-free cooking and baking at home. This class will take a few steps beyond the basics of gluten-free baking, including discussion of special ingredients and techniques, as well as preparation of two of the hardest gluten free baked goods to make: cake and bread. Plenty of time will be allowed for questions, and participants will take two recipes home. Cost: $36. Register for the class on Alaska Folk School's website.

November Holiday Baking Class: Caramel! Sunday, November 15, 1-4pm. Caramel is a simple yet tricky confection. It can be utilized to add that sweet caramelized sugar taste as a topping for ice cream, or to add something special to classy desserts and confections. Learn tips and techniques for making perfect caramel plus find out how to add unique flavors that will impress everyone who gets an edible holiday gift! Help prepare a fancy chocolate tart with salted caramel, almond brittle with cardamom, and spicy caramel corn. Cost: $36. Register for the class on Alaska Folk School's website.

Halloween Creepy Treats - Ages 4-8: Wednesday, October 28, 2:30-4pm Kids always have a great time in the kitchen at the Squirrel making tasty, spooky and somewhat healthy Halloween snacks such as mummy pizza toast, jack o' lantern rice ball, monster mozzarella finger, cracker spider, spooky cat cookie and more. Children 5 and under must have a parent in the building. Preregistration and prepayment is required! Sign up early to reserve a spot in person at the Squirrel or call 733-nuts! Maximum class size, 12 children.

Trick Or Treat Pizza Night - Saturday, October 31, 4-9pm
Halloween is on a pizza night this year, so before or after trick or treating around Talkeetna town, be sure to stop by in costume to eat something solid, drink something hot, or just show off your costume! Gingerbread bats and chocolate coconut ghosts for actual trick or treaters PLUS PIZZA SHAPED LIKE PUMPKINS and other Halloween shenanigans.

Deliveries to Willow and Anchorage (and Eagle River?)
So, I'm working on it, REALLY! The concept for this year's CSB with bread, pastry and gluten free prepaid "shares" delivered to Willow and Anchorage is coming along with plans for a single subscription season from November through April. Deliveries will be made every other week, 10 total deliveries of Squirrel deliciousness just a little bit closer to your home than Talkeetna! The cost will be $10 per delivery for breads and $15 per delivery for pastry/gluten free. If you are interested in this program, please send your contact information and I will e-mail you with all the details when it's official. We would very much like to stop in Eagle River, but need a good location for that - any suggestions?

Thanksgiving Heads Up
I already have pumpkins on the brain! Brian's beautiful winter squashes and pumpkins from the farm are helping us gear up for creative and delicious Thanksgiving special order ideas! Look for information in early November about dinner rolls, pies, turkeys and more. The practice bourbon pumpkin pie with brown butter streusel was a big thumbs up in my house!

Winter Hours
SUNDAY: 10am-4pm
WEDNESDAY: 8am-5pm
THURSDAY: 8am-5pm
FRIDAY: 8am-9pm (Pizza Night: 4-9pm)
SATURDAY: 8am-9pm (Pizza Night: 4-9pm)

Hope to see you at the Squirrel...

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