Thursday, April 24, 2014

March 2014

Hello to All,
If only we could stop talking about the weather! Could this really be it? So warm. So little snow. Could spring really come early this year? Could break up be the easiest ever? Regardless, March is always a wonderful month full of festive occasions and so much more sun and light that we feel drunk on our (usually delusional) spring fever. It's impossible to help it - everyone gets out a lot more in March than they did in January and February and the talk of the impending busy summer is just around the corner. While you're out and about soaking up these longer days, think of the Squirrel...
Art Happenings
The wonderful still life paintings from Tony Crocetto's art students are still hanging at the Squirrel. March's artist cancelled, so we'll see what develops. No opening scheduled for this month at this point. But we may be able to hang something new and interesting even if just for a few weeks during this month of many out of town visitors. Stop in and be surprised at what's on the walls, or not! Meanwhile, in the works for April are photographs by Anina Bolt. Artists and photographers interested in showing work at Flying Squirrel can contact Anita to find out what's involved, we have openings we would like to fill, so get creating! Also, watch for announcements about a call for artists for an August group show featuring art and photography that shows off my favorite subject matter: food!
Oosik Ski Race
March in Talkeetna has become Oosik month. This fun classic ski race will be held in Flying Squirrel's neighborhood this year, as of now scheduled to start and end at the Mile 11 gravel pit right next door! We will be catering the finish line with two tasty soups and delicious fresh bread. Sign up to ski or volunteer at and think of the Squirrel if you need coffee, snacks, Sunday breakfast or a pizza dinner - in honor of this year's Oosik being right next door PIZZA NIGHT WILL BEGIN AT 2pm on Saturday, March 15!
Summer Employment Opportunities
Flying Squirrel is accepting applications for summer positions including baker, front counter/barista, dishwasher, and part time cook/prep cook. Please stop by Flying Squirrel during business hours to pick up an application or e-mail to inquire: We will start needing folks who can train in mid to late April and into May.
Squirrel Deals
Walk/Bike/Ski to the Squirrel: The bike path is already almost clear! And the skiing on the Talkeetna Lakes Park trails is still decent. Arrive at the Squirrel by non-motorized means and tell your server when you pay to receive a 5% discount!
Prepay Credit: Prepay $50 or more and receive a 5% bonus as well as lots of convenient perks! We'll keep a card on file with your credit account, you can walk in without your wallet, and you don't have to wait to be rung up, just say, "Put in on my credit" and you're out the door!
Save a Tree/Bag/Cup: Bring your own bag, travel mug, food container and receive a 5% discount!

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