Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September is in the air...

 Hard to believe that the summer of 2012 is coming to a close. A few leaves are falling. The woods smell musty like ripening high bush cranberries. People keep asking me how to make kale chips with all their surplus greens. And all family talk has turned to getting homework done before play time and trying to get to bed earlier so waking up for school isn't so hard - yeah, right! So, as you're out and about this fall, stop by the Squirrel for great coffee, food, pastries, pizza OR one of these other engaging reasons...

Banned Book Poster Contest & Second Saturday Art Opening
In conjunction with the Second Talkeetna Festival of Books, there will be a Banned Book Poster Contest on display at the Squirrel beginning this weekend. It might be too late to submit a poster unless you're really on the ball and talk to Holli Papasodora today. Otherwise, the art opening is being held on Saturday, September 8 from 3-5. Stop in to cast a vote for your favorite poster and spend a little time appreciating your freedom to READ! Interested in showing your art or photography at the Squirrel? Contact Anita for more information - shows are available starting in December!

Bun to Bun Fun Run and Talkeetna Trail Marathon AND Book Festival
August 22 is a BUSY day in Talkeetna (oops for the wrong date in the e-mail version of this newsletter)! At the Squirrel, we'll be going with the flow as the Second Annual Bun to Bun Fun Run and Trail Marathon will be ending here (starting at the Roadhouse, of course) sometime in the afternoon. To participate in this pretty informal and super fun community event, you might find out more info here: or by hunting down Dan Harrell. Meanwhile the Book Festival is the same weekend so you could dress up as your favorite comic book character or book hero while running, just to get in the spirit! Maybe we'll have some special discount that day for those dressed in "bookish" costumes! More info about the Book Festival is here: or go to the Talkeetna library!

September Hours
No more Mondays!
We're closing early September 23 for a staff party!
October's newsletters will have official new hours for October and the rest of winter.
SUNDAY: 8am-5pm
TUESDAYS: 7:30am-7pm
WEDNESDAY: 7:30am-7pm
THURSDAY: 7:30am-9pm (Pizza Night: 4-9pm)
FRIDAY: 7:30am-9pm (Pizza Night: 4-9pm)
SATURDAY: 7:30am-9pm (Pizza Night: 4-9pm)

A Few Honorable Mentions:
Coffee Orders: Later today or tomorrow, I will be e-mailing the "coffee list" folks with ordering info. Please order your K-Bay Caffe Roasting Company coffee beans before Saturday morning. Beans will be at the Squirrel by September 15. Send us an e-mail if you're interested in getting on the coffee e-mail list or stop by the Squirrel for an order form. Please note: we will not have coffee beans for sale at the counter all winter - ordering ahead is the way to go to keep your coffee fresh and get the best, most thoughtful coffee beans in Alaska!
Willow Market: There are only a few more weeks of the Willow Farmer's Market on Friday afternoons (and, by the way, Brian's farm stand at the Squirrel which is on Saturdays from 4-7). I hope some Willow folks have become addicted to Squirrel bread! If you live in Willow and might be interested in a "bakery CSA" - subscription bread ordering - delivered to Willow this winter, please let me know! It would take about 10 regulars wanting to order bread to make this work. Send an e-mail or call the Squirrel if you're interested.
Farm to School Community potluck: Keep your ears and eyes open for announcements about an Alaska Foods Community Potluck in conjunction with the Farm to School program at the Elementary School. What a great way to show our local children what good eating is all about! I encourage everyone to take an interest in Talkeetna's children and in Alaska's fantastic and healthful food offerings.
Health Food Orders: Interested in a health food grocery buying co-op? The Squirrel has been working with local resident Michelle Crow to place orders once a month with Azure Standard in Oregon. For more information, here is a link to Michelle's website:
Gluten Free Bread Orders: Order Gluten Free Bread from the Squirrel! Monthly pick up is the first Friday of the month. Bread must be ordered by Thursday morning.

Whew! That's a lot! So, I'll shut up now...

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