Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me a Rumor...

Pssst. Hey you...

Someone told me that something's cooking at Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe. Come see and taste and smell for yourself.

We will finally be opening on Saturday, August 15!

Pass it on.


  1. today i was fortunate to get in on the testing of soups and breads and fritatas and teas and ... well, you're ALL going to have to show up saturday to get what i got today - the grandest taste test of all!

  2. All the best of the bestest of all good fortunes to you and your family, Anita! Thanks for taking us along for the wild ride!

  3. Wish we could hop over to the grand opening. We will be there in spirit.

    Congratulations and Best Wishes.