Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blank Stare

Blank stare. Cough, cough. Blank stare. Cough. Cough. (Yes, I finally got some version of the crud that has been going around town).

That's all.

It's that kind of a week.

I was feeling like I needed to update the world on the progress here at Flying Squirrel central. But I just can't find anything substantive to say. Don't get me wrong. The project is progressing. And the sense of anticipation for the opening of the cafe is getting pretty palpable around our house, and I hope in the community of Talkeetna as well. Spring Equinox is full of anticipation of all kinds in Alaska.

Last night, Oliver was bawling his head off because he was having difficulty getting his dinner to stay on his fork as it made the journey from plate to mouth.
Through his tears we heard him cry over and over, "I can't stab it very well!" His frustration was intense, as was ours, as we just couldn't convince him that it was all going to be OK.

Neither Brian nor I am bawling yet. But I think we both feel this week like "we can't stab it very well." Or at the very least, that many of the pieces we are trying to pick up fall back onto the plate several times before getting to where they need to go. Like Oliver, frustration over one forkful or two or three forkfuls can totally blind us to the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, what happens when things get overwhelming or frustrating? What happens when you (or your three year old) just don't like the answers you get to your seemingly very important questions?

Blank stare. Cough, cough. Blank stare.


  1. I remember hearing a 4 year old in Maine, once, when Jim and I were visiting his mom, shouting in a long wail, "NOTHING IS GOING THE WAY I WANT IT TOOOOOOOO!!" There have been so many times since that I hear his voice in my own head and I hear it coming out of other grownups heads, too... The kid in us that just doesn't get why things aren't going our way. But then they do seem to come around, always, in a matter of time... Love, Auntie Esther

  2. How wonderful that you understand what Oliver is really saying! The beautiful dream you planted is pushing its way out through the ether and into reality. Soon it will be: Behold! Gasp, gasp..Behold!

  3. 3 years old, 43 years old or 73 years old, we all have challenges. The frustrations will pass.