Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Much has been going on inside and outside the bakery in the last couple of weeks. Finally we've had some great weather (anything between 5 and 25 degrees above zero is considered great). I get pretty darned excited when there is a lot of activity going on, despite the fact that lots of activity also means lots of check writing.

Windows are in. Insulation and vapor barrier are 3/4 of the way completed (more on that in a moment). Dave and Murray have been working on soffits and fascia outside along the eaves. The electricians have begun some of the wiring that needs to get buried in the walls. The plumber came and marked out the drain waste lines on the dirt floor which has been thawing out now that we can keep the place somewhat warm inside with a temporary heater. Big trenches are being dug where the drain waste plumbing will get installed. Brian is picking up the siding on Tuesday.

Of course, nothing feels finished. Bits and pieces of so many different parts of the project are going on at once that my head spins just thinking about it.

Yesterday, a quiet Saturday, I walked down to the cafe to check the heater. As I walked in through the doorway that is covered with a big plastic sheet, I almost tripped over three giant bags of fiberglass insulation scraps. I have known Brian, my husband and conductor of the construction of this crazy project for almost 10 years. I've worked with him on many construction endeavors including our cabin which later became our house, and a sauna, the "bunkhouse", and his shop all at his parent's farm. This bakery building is the first project in those 10 years where I wasn't the one actually picking up all those bits and pieces of scrap insulation and putting them in bags. I once even donned a tyvek insulation suit while eight months pregnant with Oliver. I looked and felt like a giant marshmallow, but at least I was doing something! This is the first time I haven't been a major contributor to the "cheap labor" part of the equation (not that it's really that cheap). I've been consumed with watching Oliver, doing graphic design work when it comes along, and chasing bakery details of the telephone and e-mail variety. My bits and pieces are spread all over my desk.

I guess I should be thankful. Fiberglass insulation work is really not much fun. So just a quick hats off...or hoods, dust masks, and safety glasses Kris Perry. He has been a huge help this winter and did the majority of the insulation work these last few weeks. He's headed to some even colder, darker place down in Antarctica pretty soon, crazy guy. It was likely this project that drove him to it. He was probably starting to feel like he was living in a padded cell here at the Flying Squirrel. That's what it looks like right now! Anyway, thanks Kris, for sparing me the insulation job this round. I'm sure I'll be called on to help with many other bits and pieces of the actual labor on this project before it's all said and done...especially now that you're gone. Drywall screws and paint rollers, here I come.

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