Monday, December 15, 2008

Dark and Cold

I actually got to take a walk by myself a few evenings ago. The temps have been hovering around zero or below for several days. But, no matter, the clear skies made being outside a pleasure even if my frosted eyelashes, the only exposed part of my body, felt like they were in danger of breaking off. I took a few terrible photos - no tripod, no special settings, clumsy gloves, and virtually dark. Funny thing is, I like them anyway. They capture something.

My frosty mood. The blurry blue that is twilight in winter. The slowness of everything this time of year. Yes, my family is very much looking forward to the vacation that we cannot afford and don't have time for.

I walked farther than planned when I glimpsed a spot of light through the trees and knew I had to get to the lake near our house quickly. I tromped through over a foot of snow down the short trail and out onto the lake. Tromped some more following some moose tracks around the bend in the lake and watched one of the most stunning moon rises I have ever seen. Things can get pretty muddled in the dark, snow covered blanket of days around Solstice. But a big, bright, orange moon rise over Tigger Lake, reminded me that moments of clarity are always there. We just have to take the time to look for them...


  1. Dear Anita, This is just a bit of praise from your first cousin once-removed. I thought your defence of organic food post was superb, as well thought-out as it was elegantly expressed. Your dad (my cousin Bill) directed me to your blog, and I'm impressed. Sometimes I blog on similar subjects on the Guardian (Word of Mouth) website, and have just launched a new arts blog on I've just subscribed to your blog, and look forward to reading many more of your posts. Best, Paul (Levy)