Monday, November 17, 2008

Never Again

You might think I am about to say I will never again be involved in a large construction project (too many rules, too many permits, too much money, too much stress). Or that I will never again open a food service type business (too many rules, too many permits, too much money, too much stress).

Or, on another subject entirely, you might even think I am about to say I will never again vote Democrat in a national election in Alaska since the results are inevitably announced hours before the Alaska poles are closed so I might as well help out the Green Party a little. Or, perhaps, that I will never again vote for Sarah Palin for anything, though quite honestly, I can't remember if I voted for her for governor or not - all I know is that most Alaskan's I talk to liked her an awful lot more then than they do now.

Never is a pretty strong word. One I try to use as little as possible except perhaps when it comes to VERY important concepts I am trying desperately to get through to the ever challenging 2 1/2 year old brain. Like, "NEVER pull the dog's tail" or "NEVER hit the dog with a flashlight" or "NEVER poke your fingers in the dog's eyes." It is now appropriate for the reader to think out loud, "Poor dog!"

What on earth am I talking about anyway? Get to the point!

60 feet, good water, only ok pressure. Now what? A weekend of denial. Half a day of cost analysis. OK. So, what do you know. I am about to say something I hope I NEVER have to say ever again because it's really just not my style. Here goes...


Eeeeww. I don't even like typing it.

We just asked the well drillers to keep going even after they hit fine water at 60 feet. We are hoping for better pressure at a known formation for our neighborhood... somewhere between 150 and 200 feet. Fortunately for us (or unfortunately depending on your perspective, I guess), we are not looking for oil!

UPDATE: Round 2, Day 1. No go due to 5 below temps.

Round 2, Day 2. We almost feel like millionaires! Only ten feet farther down and they got 50 gallons per minute. Major relief and cost savings. Maybe we'll get those tickets to Mexico after all.

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